PONY branding + digital design - craft

New routes.

When new times dawn, solutions must be achieved with new tools. The so far unknown terrain must be explored, and new routes have to be discovered. Nevertheless, the journey safely continues. The goal always in sight.

Our handcraft

PONY consults entrepreneurs and decision makers who want to make a difference. In addition, we develop strategies and concepts and implement them on request. We are a competent discussion partner and not only the creative savage in search of the next creative award. We are grounded and pragmatic and follow the customer’s roadmap.

During the implementation of our projects, however, we had to realize again and again that the “business management templates” of the classic management consultancies often did not meet the requirements and reality of our customers. The identity as well as the DNA of the company were often lacking. But also the experience in dealing with target groups was – from our point of view – often not sufficiently considered.

For this reason, we advise on brand management, branding, marketing and innovation. We develop ideas and solutions in close cooperation with our clients, implement them promptly and are accountable for our work.

PONY scout

The unbiased, realistic view of the market. Because only those who know how the target group is ticking and what it really needs can align their offerings and send clear messages. PONY scout therefore aims at the elaboration of market-oriented decision bases.

  • Market and competition analyses
  • Investigations of target groups & market segments
  • Surveys
  • Customer Journey

PONY sparring

Aimed at the joint development of decision bases on which communication measures are to be based in the medium and long term.

  • Marketing Strategy
  • Marketing Concepts
  • Communication Strategies
  • Communication Concepts
  • Coachings, Seminars, Workshops

PONY design-thinking

Aims at solving problems and developing new ideas. In contrast to other innovation methods, Design Thinking is an approach based. It consists of three basic principles: team, space and process. The process is based on the work of designers, which is understood as a combination of understanding, observation, brainstorming, refinement, execution and learning.