PONY branding + digital design - craft

New routes.

When new times dawn, solutions must be achieved with new tools. The so far unknown terrain must be explored, and new routes have to be discovered. Nevertheless, the journey safely continues. The goal always in sight.


What do we do? What we’ve always done! Communication – emotional, informative, sometimes loud.


Brand work is strategic. The one foundation is: Porter, Meffert, Esch, … The other: The raging life.

A brand is more than just a logo. A brand cannot be constructed, but must be found. Because a brand stands for values and orientation. Our own employees, our customers. Everyone has expectations of your service or your product. And this has to be proven anew every day.

Foundation for the coming successes

We help companies to sharpen the true significance of their own actions and to make them tangible. We support companies in taking a position in the world of people and in keeping their bearings in the confusion of the digital age.

Avoiding pitfalls

When implementing projects, however, we repeatedly have to realize that “business management templates” of classical management consulting do not do justice to the identity of our customers. The client’s DNA is often neglected. But also experiences in dealing with target groups are often not sufficiently considered. In addition, there are always large gaps between conception and implementation, as feasibility and efficiency considerations are not taken into account.

That’s why we go one step further and implement our strategies hands-on and responsibly into tangible solutions. We want to see and experience how our work works. That’s what we stand for, of course, our man.

Using innovative methods to reach the nucleus of the brand

As part of the strategy work of PONY strategy + consulting, we use the tools PONY scout, PONY sparring and PONY design-thinking. Each tool is designed to solve very specific tasks and to complement each other skilfully.

PONY scout

Reading traces, recognising signs, exploring the situation in advance… In business this means creating the basis for future decisions. Because even if you are very familiar with your terrain, there are surprises for which you are better prepared.

We scout the situation and create the basis for market-oriented strategies and concepts.

  • Market and competition analyses
  • Investigations of target groups & market segments
  • Surveys
  • Customer Journey

PONY sparring

What does it look like if you have something to say to the world not just in the short term, but in the long term? And you also want to be perceived authentically?

We develop board presentations or, as your sparring partner, jointly develop strategies and concepts in workshops. Thereby a medium-term and long-term roadmap is released. In this way we ensure that the results not only remain within the cost and time frame, but also deliver the desired success.

  • Marketing Strategy
  • Marketing Concepts
  • Communication Strategies
  • Communication Concepts
  • Coachings, Seminars, Workshops

PONY design-thinking

Does the customer/employee actually want what they believe the customer/employee wants? Or doesn’t the worm have to taste rather the fish than the fisherman?

With the help of the PONY design-thinking approach, we question the old and familiar way of thinking. At the same time, we seek new solutions without bias. Develop ideas and principles for action.

We focus on team, space and process. Each has its own value, but only together can you reach your goal. (Note: The one with the lasso knows that.)

We observe, find out, ask questions, learn, design, discard, re-design and refine. New thoughts get pushed. Contexts – which were hardly noticed in everyday business – will be examined. Conclusions will be drawn.

In the evening at the campfire we know that the ride was worth it! With the resulting solution we move on the next morning.


People don’t usually make rational decisions. They do not make a cost-benefit calculation before each purchase. Most decisions are made on the basis of gut feelings and emotions, but are mostly rationally justified from the point of view of “social desirability”.

The purchase decision follows psychological principles and can be influenced in a targeted way by neuromarketing measures such as arousal, herding, priming and choice architecture.

Change Management + Change Communication

A successful reorientation or restructuring of a company depends on the extent to which employees, customers, partners and stakeholders can be motivated / inspired for change.

The aim is to achieve the goals set fast and smoothly.

The approach of Change Communication is interdisciplinary: The communication instruments and communication channels of internal corporate communication are supplemented by specific tools and instruments that have proven themselves in change situations. To this end, we develop a communication strategy in close consultation with the management which, with the help of clear messages and positive measures, ensures that everyone feels that they have been picked up and that the changes are supported.