PONY branding + digital design - PONY and the wild wild web

Living experience, weather-proof points of view. Role model.

We know what’s going on. We are a team. We have taken many paths together.

Wild Wild West and Wild Wide Web

The time of the forward wave of the American expansion and urbanization of the Wild West as well as the time of digitalization offer exciting parallels. Two socially changing upheavals, each with its own unique solutions.

From Pony Express to PONY branding + digital design

The Pony Express-Relay Riders operated a route of over 3100 km through the North American wilderness and reached their destination after 10 days regardless of hazards and bad weather.

We also fight our way through all kinds of obstacles to reach our goal in a timely and innovative manner.

Just like the Pony-Express served settlers and gold diggers in the Midwest with mail and news under harsh circumstances; PONY branding is the lead-and-work horse for entrepreneurs and decision-makers who want to have an impact.


Whether consulting, the development of simple communication solutions or the implementation of cross-linked brand communication. It all depends on waterproof points of view and their implementation. And this is what we can deliver.