PONY branding + digital design - solutions and services

Even in stormy times – a clear announcement.

When it gets stormy and everything has to change again then you know that the tension rises. There he scrapes with his hooves, there his gaze is rigid, there the mane weighs slightly…

When the day comes, nobody should stand in the door.

Convincing arguments

You focus on your core competencies. We work at your side, keep your back free and do what we have always done successfully. Communication – emotional, informative, sometimes loud!

We know how the wind blows.

We ensure visibility among your target group. For a postivive response to your message. For persuasive customer experiences.

No matter whether the corporate design needs to be revised, the web shop needs to be better converted, a photo shoot needs to be organized or the annual report needs to be printed; as a full-service agency we cover almost the entire spectrum of communication.

We’re doing the job with heart and soul.

To ensure that you remain one step ahead of the competition in the future, you need communication professionals with a wide range of backgrounds and mindsets.

A proven and experienced team of consultants, designers, copywriters, programmers and SEO/SEA specialists as well as project managers will implement your projects.

A bunch of specialists who are nevertheless team players. A team that works unagitatedly hand in hand and that you can rely on. Because the most different works must be coordinated over a multiplicity of interfaces and run smoothly. In close coordination with our customers, we implement the desired solutions promptly and deliver – at the end of the day – results that are impressive and convincing.

Let’s get a long leash!

After all. Of what use is the best design if the copy is flawed? Of what use are the best texts if the images are not convincing? Of what use is the best design and the finest wording if the website or the web shop is not working properly? What use is it to you, if your web presence will not be found or just research-intensive? – Nothing.

Have a look!

Here are the facts. Bulletpoint for Bulletpoint.

PONY strategy + consulting

Successful communication requires far-sighted and thoughtful action. We develop the basis and consult entrepreneurs and decision makers. In our sattlebag on the trail with us:

PONY branding

The first step to the brand – because communication is more than just talking. Every product bears our logo. We promise and keep our word. A matter of honour. PONY delivers:

  • Brand building, clear & stringent
  • Brand management, digital & classic
  • Brand nurturing, regular & consistent
  • Brand experiences, hearty & honest
  • Employer branding, successful & future-oriented

PONY digital

We do almost everything that consists of 0 and 1*. Clear? – Sure! The screen shows the prairie for the herd. The nostrils widen while scrolling the pages. Everything virtual, everything fake – only the whisky is real. (Note: bonfire talks)

Direct approach without great waste coverage, comprehensive tracking, targeted optimization options, speed … that’s fun. Also the relocation of processes to the Internet, or the automation of processes in the context of digital transformation.

  • Web Design / UX-Design / Programming
  • Shop Development
  • Online Software Solutions
  • App Development

* Who would like to know it a little more detailed, the keywords are: TYPO 3, WordPress, Contao. HTML, Ajax, CSS, Javascript and PHP. And that’s just a slight scratch on the surface.

PONY data security

Data protection in accordance with BDSG* and DSGVO**. In the areas of marketing and sales, a lot of work is done with personal data as defined in Art. 4 No. 1 DSVGO. These are subject to the special protection of the legislator and are checked for compliance by the respective responsible data protection authority.

In order to be able to guarantee our customers the necessary legal security, our consultants are certified as data protection consultants (TÜV). As external data protection consultants, we advise those responsible in companies (as defined in Art. 4 No. 7) in accordance with data protection laws and regulations (BDSG, DSGVO). Our range of tasks includes:

  • the preparation of data protection audits,
  • the development of data protection concepts,
  • the development of concepts for data protection management systems,
  • the collection, preparation and evaluation of the necessary process descriptions (TOM).
  • the briefing and training of the employees.

* Bundesdatenschutzgesetz
** Datenschutz Grundverordung

PONY classic

We appreciate everything that is handy and durable. The more senses a message appeals to at the same time, the more intensively it is perceived.
The more attention-grabbing and long-lasting an advertising message, the more advertising recollections it will have.

In times of flood of information this is an important pound, which something out of fashion has come. But still the some possibility purposeful range and admittingness to develop.

  • Advertisements / Campaigns / Posters
  • Print Communication
  • Editorial Design / Annual Reports
  • Dialogue Marketing

PONY content

Behind every good advertising message is the goal of attracting attention, generating interest, awakening wishes and initiating an action. Whether editorial work or classic headline within the framework of classic CopyWriting, PONY develops content for websites and print. We entertain and inform about what you need to know.

Stories have always been created around a campfire. We create stories that entertain and we report on what you need to know. Because good stories inspire, captivate and carry you away.

The art of StoryTelling is to connect this emotionally charged and positively evaluated information with your company. For this we need a hero with whom the audience can identify. A goal. A conflict and an exciting dramaturgy.

One considers the advertising psychology applies to hold: Stories are 22x better remembered, stories sell 2-5x better. These are arguments.

  • CopyWriting / Editing
  • StoryTelling

PONY online marketing

It’s nice to have a good website. Even better if you are found, because that generates traffic. Best your website or your webshop achieves conversions, because then you earn money.

Finding the right words pays off in normal life. The right words in the digital world are keywords. Furthermore, it is important how you package your words (just like in real life). In the digital world, it means making the content relevant to the user available. To offer him a customer journey that meets his customer expectations.

There is a lot to say about this, but this must be enough for now.

  • Website Analysis
  • SEO – Search Engine Optimization
  • Content Marketing
  • SEA – Search Engine Advertisement (Google Ads, Microsoft Advertising)

PONY media

Blocks instead of spilling. When classic campaigns emerge, they are aimed at ” outside ” and ” inside “. It’s all about image, awareness and attention. Consequently, you have to be “louder” and courageous because you want to be noticed. Advertisements and campaigns are a topic of conversation and a source of excitement – which is of course even more hotly debated.

These ads and spots – whether for newspaper readers, radio listeners or moviegoers – are carefully planned. Target groups must be considered and repetition rates must be calculated. Nothing is coincidence. Even if it looks like that to third parties.

PONY knows no ducking. The address is certain. There is no escape.

  • Media & Campaign Planning
  • Special Advertising formats / Billboards

PONY social media

The classic influencer work. Either as a brand ambassador or as an external communications department on behalf of the client. Authentic, opinion-forming, relevant.

For us this means: The coffee is ready on the campfire (“Be careful when touching the pot!”). The customers don’t mind that we don’t take the toothpick out of our mouths when we’re talking on the phone and always have a quick saying on our lips.

  • Development of Topics and Content
  • Editorial work
  • SMM – Social Media Marketing

PONY corporate identity

We create identity, because good riding gear is important. After all, you are the ambassador for the brand you are ride for.

A coherent and unmistakable corporate identity is the basis for a successful brand development. The creation of an authentic identity – which clearly shows the sender – gives orientation and identification to the own employees and ensures beyond that the recognizability with the customer.

  • Corporate Design (Logo, Stationery)
  • Typography
  • Naming
  • Development of Claims

PONY corporate architecture

If you want to make a brand a memorable experience, you cannot avoid this topic. Corporate Architecture is communication in space. Customers and employees experience the space as a brand experience. They can touch, feel and perceive with all their senses. Even more – the brand is truly lived. While the digital world is just 2D the 3D experience is much more intense and sustainable.

Maybe a comparison will help: Sleeping with the horse blanket outside in nature at the campfire versus watching a Western on TV and then going to bed.

It’s not without reason that the well-known fashion brands are intensely concerned about this topic and operate flagship stores where customers ideally line up to shop.

  • Stores / Showrooms / Office Spaces
  • Exhibitions
  • Trade fair stands
  • Product Presentations