PONY branding + digital design - solutions and services

Even in stormy times – a clear announcement.

When it gets stormy and everything has to change again then you know that the tension rises. There he scrapes with his hooves, there his gaze is rigid, there the mane weighs slightly…

When the day comes, nobody should stand in the door.

Information that hits the bull’s eye

What do we do? We provide visibility for the target group and information that hits the bull’s eye.

We accept every challenge.

Pragmatic solutions without a big fuss

However, there are many different ways to achieve these goals. Every requirement demands an individual solution and we are well prepared for this.

In the following our tools of the trade as bulletpoints. Short and painless.

PONY strategy + consulting

Successful communication requires intelligent, well-considered action. We develop the basics and advise.

  • Marketing
  • Strategic Planning
  • Communication Concepts

PONY branding

Zielt auf den Markenaufbau und die Markenpflege hin.

  • digital & classic brand management
  • brand experiences

PONY digital

Aims for brand building and brand development.

  • Web Design, UX, Programming
  • Shop Development
  • Online Software Solutions
  • App Development

PONY classic

Distinguishes digital communication solutions from classical communication solutions.

  • Print communication
  • Dialogue marketing

PONY content

Aims at the creation of content (content development) – whether editorial work or classic headline. This is because only those who have something interesting to say will be listened at.

  • CopyWriting
  • StoryTelling

PONY online marketing

Aims to generate traffic and/or conversions for websites and web shops.

  • Website Analysis
  • Search Engine Optimization / SEO
  • Search Engine Advertisement / SEA (Google Ads, Microsoft Advertising)

PONY media

Media planning for classic media – the counterpart to online marketing.

  • Media & campaign planning
  • billboards

PONY social media

The classic influencer work.

  • development of content
  • editorial support
  • Social Media Marketing – SMM

PONY corporate identity

The aim is to create a visual identity that clearly identifies the sender and creates the basis for brand building.

  • Corporate Design (Logo, Stationery)
  • Naming
  • Development of Claims

PONY corporate architecture

Aims at brand experiences that are perceived and experienced both spatially and haptically. That is because the world of communication is rather two-dimensional.

  • Stores, Showrooms, Office Spaces
  • Exhibitions
  • Trade fair stands
  • Product Presentations