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The alignment of the company with the market. Suggestions for product development.


Over 70% of people make their buying decisions emotionally (Häusel, H. G. (2014) Think limbic. Die Macht des Unbewussten nutzen für Management und Verkauf. ‘Freiburg: Haufe.)

They do not make a cost-benefit assessment before every purchase. Most decisions are rather made from the gut and due to emotions but mostly rationally – under the aspects of “social desirability” – justified.

The purchase decision follows psychological principles and can be specifically guided by neuromarketing measures such as arousal, herding, priming and choice architecture.

Limbic Map®

The Neuromarketing approach Limbic®, applied and protected by the Nympfenburg Group, is based on three needs that control our purchase decisions – and basically our entire behavior:

  • Balance
  • Dominance
  • Stimulus.

As behavior triggering motives move on the axis:

  • Discipline / Control
  • Adventure / Thrill
  • Fantasy / Pleasure.

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