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Clear announcements. Convincing arguments.

When things get stormy and everything changes again, the tension increases. The PONY’s hooves are pawing, his mane is swaying slightly, and his gaze is fixed on the new tasks.

When the day dawns, no one should stand in the open field.

We ensure that you remain sustainably successful even in saturated markets.

From branding to marketing and sales. Digital transformation through innovation & change management.

How do we advise? How do we develop our solutions? The toolbox is to us what the wranger is to the cowboys. Each tool is designed to solve specific tasks and – if necessary – to complement each other. Bulletpoint for bulletpoint.


Brand building. Brand management. Brand relauch.

Any damn fool can put on a price reduction,
but it takes brains and perseverance to create a brand.
David Ogilvy

For building strong brands, the existence of added value is essential to survive in today’s market conditions.

PONY branding

Strong brands create an identity and generate an emotional experience.

In this way, they create identification and trust among customers. For employees, identification and orientation. In addition, from the point of view of the employer brand, they ensure successful recruitment.

Brands are more than the sum of corporate identity, image and brand value. Brands are universal reward and meaning “machines”. They are the ideal and economic basis of a successful company.

  • Brand building
  • Brand management
  • Brand development
  • Employer branding

PONY corporate identity

The basis for a successful brand.

A coherent corporate identity guarantees you unmistakable perception and quick recognition. It increases the supported and un-supported memorability and clearly distinguishes you from the competition.

  • Corporate design (logo, business stationery)
  • Naming
  • Claim development
  • Typography

PONY corporate architecture

Communcation in space -> the brand experience.

You can “touch” your brand. You experience it with all your senses. Even more: The brand is truly lived. The digital world is two-dimensional. The spatial experience in a three-dimensional world is much more intense, and therefore longer and much easier to remember..

  • Stores, Showrooms, Office Spaces
  • Exhibition stands
  • Product presentations
  • Exhibitions


The orientation of the company in the market. Proposals for product development.

Cumsomers don’t think how they feel.
They don’t say what they think and
they don’t do what they say.
David Ogilvy

Brands without added value have no right to exist. However, the added value does not always lie in the product or service itself. Rather, communication itself can create added value for brands.

PONY scout

The creation of foundations.

We develop resilient foundations for the development of strategies and concepts. We optimize products and services from the customer’s point of view. We prepare decisions.

  • Market and competition analyses
  • Surveys
  • User experience design (e.g. customer journey, prototyping, …)
  • Neuromarketing

PONY sparring

The development of strategies and concepts.

In workshops and working retreats we develop – together with you – strategies and concepts. We also create a roadmap for the implementation of marketing, innovation and change management projects.

PONY user experience design

Improving processes, structures and products from a customer-centric perspective.

This may seem surprising at first glance. In fact, new products and services are developed by product management, taking into account production conditions, business and legal perspectives, and sales, and optimized from a savings perspective.

We place the user at the center of developments and planning. Because a coherent and good User Experience Design (abbreviation UX Design) is the prerequisite for a successful positioning and communication with the user. It is therefore crucial for the success of products and services.

We rely on team, space and process and – depending on the task – use different tools and techniques.

  • Design Thinking – processes of recognizing and assigning meaning.
  • User Interface Design – design of interfaces for communication.
  • Lean Start-Up Method – structures, frameworks, economic conditions.


Market analysis -> customer acquisition -> customer relations -> sales.

Facts are irrelevant. What matters is what the consumer believes.Seth Godin

Only what customers perceive contributes to the value proposition.

PONY digital

Communication with the help of digital media.

  • Websites
  • Online stores
  • Software solutions
  • App development

PONY online marketing

Customer acquisition in the digital world..

What good is the best website if you end up at the bottom of the online search and are therefore not found.

  • Website analysis
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Content marketing
  • Search engine advertising (SEA – Google Ads, Microsoft Advertising)

PONY social media

The classic influencer work.

Authentic, opinion-forming, relevant. A very important tool – not only in the area of employer brand, human resources (HR) and social selling.

PONY classic

The analog world of advertising. Advertising campaigns..

Even the big digital companies run posters and ads. They produce radio and TV spots if they want to create sustained attention for their topics. There are good reasons for this.

  • Ads / campaigns / posters
  • Print communication
  • Editorial design / annual reports
  • Dialog / direct marketing

(Note: Often pronounced dead but still very much alive and successful).

PONY media

Classic media planning. Advertising campaigns.

If you want to be noticed unmistakably and emphatically in the analog world of advertising.

  • Media & campaign planning
  • Special forms of advertising

PONY marketing automation

Smart campaign management. Targeted advertising content. Lead generation.

Which digital marketing measures lead to success? Which ones don’t? We create multi-stage, fully automated campaigns and accompany our customers throughout the entire customer journey with clever campaign management.

By using highly personalized content, your marketing campaigns give users the feeling of being understood and perfectly taken care of. You create trust. This increases the satisfaction and loyalty of your customers. In addition, you increase the access to your online offer and increase your conversion rate.

PONY telemarketing

Inbound sales, cold calling, lead generation, market analysis..

Our goal is to generate high-quality sales appointments for your sales force.

Through a continuous approach, we arouse interest in your products and services. We research and qualify your contacts and talk to interested parties. If there is a concrete need, we hand over to your sales department..

In order to increase quality, we dovetail telemarketing with action-related landing pages, online marketing measures and classic direct marketing campaigns.


Legal security. Data security.

You have to fight for your privacy or you lose it.Eric Schmidt

PONY data security

External data protection officer.

Both the BDSG and the DSGVO ** know reasons that make it necessary to appoint a data protection officer. With us, as a certified external data protection officer, you can meet the requirements of the legislator quickly and easily and make your work processes more secure.

In the areas of marketing and sales, a great deal of personal data is processed. According to Art. 4 No. 1 DSVGO, these are subject to the special protection of the legislator and are checked for compliance by the respective competent data protection authority.

As certified external data protection officers, we advise those responsible in companies (in accordance with Art 4 No. 7) in accordance with data protection laws and regulations.

  • the creation of imprint + privacy policy for websites and online stores,
  • the preparation of data protection audits,
  • the development of data protection concepts,
  • the development of concepts for data protection management systems,
  • the collection, creation and evaluation of the necessary procedure descriptions (TOM),
  • the instruction and briefing of employees.

* Bundesdatenschutzgesetz
** Datenschutz-Grundverordung

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