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At the end of the day, the shortest route is not always the best.

Towards the goal in wind and weather. When it gets dusty and the herd gallops down the pass close together, orientation is needed. Again and again, the terrain must be probed and the herd kept together. Because it is important to find the right way and not just to follow well-trodden paths.

Our handcraft: new thinking, new solutions.
Your goal: new growth.

We are convinced that companies can no longer be successful in the same way they were just a few years ago.


Many markets today are saturated across the board. After decades of rising consumption in the Western world, people’s need for goods of all kinds seems to be met. Markets are flooded with goods and services that customers often perceive as interchangeable.

In these buyers’ markets, customers decide what to buy, how much to buy, and how often to buy at what prices. Companies in saturated markets therefore often find themselves in fierce price wars.


It is up to companies to keep their products and services attractive. This requires permanent attention and adaptation.

At the core of this is:

  • the identification of market and marketing opportunities,
  • analyzing customers and competitors, and
  • the design of concrete business models,
  • implementation strategies and
  • change processes.

We build on your strengths and develop them further. With a large portion of empathy and deep understanding for the challenges of your industry.


In saturated markets, we find growth potential for you based on our digital DNA.

1. Gearing of marketing & sales

Strategies for exploiting existing potential

It is in this strategic field of exploitation that marketing and sales play an enormous role.

For example, individual communication with customers, the differentiated presentation of the benefits of products and services, pricing or the development of package offers are important levers for success.

This is where companies can make excellent use of the many possibilities offered by digitization. At the same time, processes can be simplified and automated in this way, so that resources are freed up and can be used more optimally.

2. Innovation of products and services + Innovation of business models

Strategies for business expansion

Product and service innovation is the classic field of research and development (R&D). Business model innovation, on the other hand, is about repositioning the entire enterprise.

Both are creative work that requires an open mind. For this strategic work, the right people and methods need to come together to really think about new opportunities and not nip them in the bud.

3. New self-image + New business areas

Strategies for conquering new business areas

Car manufacturer or mobility service provider? Airline or travel provider? New thinking is essential to identify trends and open up new markets that did not exist before.

It is crucial to make the strengths of the company the strategic basis and to approach renewal, i.e. to question the existing and to change it independently.


We show you how to achieve growth from within your brand. Growth that also binds your customers emotionally to you.

What counts is a systematic approach to possible strategies. The basis for this is rethinking, adopting new points of view and looking at your strengths. This forms the basis for involving employees in exploiting existing potentials and for using innovations in a targeted manner to expand the company.

The company should think fundamentally about its environment and conquer new markets as a result.


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Whether brand, marketing & sales or data protection. With a lot of technical experience, a large portion of empathy and a deep understanding of the challenges of your industry, we lead every trek to success.

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