PONY branding + digital design - Leidenschaft

Passion – without big words.

This is how we are, this is how we want to be.

Of the same breed

We are involved with a great deal of enthusiasm and “burn” for the tasks assigned to us. This is called passion. Passion for good craftsmanship. Passion for the successful implementation of projects. Passion for satisfied customers. This “stable smell” of passion unites our entire PONY team.

In the German language, “passion” literally implies “suffering”. In today’s everyday language the context is hardly present. We believe, however, that it is likely that anyone who is particularly committed to something will also suffer.

How passion becomes strength

This passion gave PONY a clear path. Through years of “suffering” or rather “passion for all forms of communication”, the strengths developed automatically.

The strength of the entire PONY team lies in the combination of many years of experience, precise inquiries, sound expert advice, technical know-how and creative implementation.

Besides, we are of course pleased that this has already been rewarded in the past by winning the one or other marketing and design award. The only question is whether this is a strength or rather a virtue. But we can discuss this over a hot pot of coffee.

Home sweet home

In the late evenings we love to stand protected in the stable and feel comfortable. Knowing that we did a good job.

Successful riding in the well-known terrain

On behalf of our customers we gallop through the “wide plains” of services and products. We work with customers in the following fields.

  • Architecture
  • Arts & culture
  • Associations
  • Banks & Financial Service Providers
  • Construction & Real Estate
  • Education
  • Family offices
  • IT security
  • Legal Advice
  • Medicine & Health
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Service industries
  • Social institutions
  • Software
  • Technology