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About Brands

Brands without added value have no right to exist. However, the added value does not always lie in the product or service itself. Brand communication can create this added value for brands. Because only what customers perceive contributes to the added value.

Brand work is strategic. A brand cannot be constructed, it must be found. The one basis are: Porter, Meffert, Esch, … The other: The raging life.

Brand is more than a logo. Because brand stands for values and orientation. Towards the customers and towards the own employees. Everyone has an expectation and this should be fulfilled every day.

It is important to distinguish between brand and product.

The product is what the company produces. Products promise a certain functional bundle of benefits – a value proposition. They are real, usually made up of atoms, and come from the material world.

The brand is what the customer buys. Brands promise a certain emotional bundle of meaning – a value promise. They are fictions, social constructs, invented reality, attitude towards life and lifestyle. Brands are communities of belief based on positive and negative prejudices as well as collective myths.

We help companies to sharpen the true meaning of their own actions and to make them tangible. We support companies in taking a position in people’s lifeworlds and in keeping their bearings in the confusion of the digital age..

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