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The target always in sight.

Moving things forward without loosing sight of the goal.

Communication and interaction in digital and classic

PONY branding + digital design is an owner-managed boutique agency based in Berlin.

PONY works in the interacting fields of communication, innovation and digital processes. An interdisciplinary team of specialists offers consulting services to entrepreneurs and decision-makers. Develops strategies and implements digital and classic projects.

We are experienced, strong advisors and brave. In close coordination with our customers, we implement the required solutions promptly and deliver – at the end of the day – tangible results.

Our Credo

“It´s not about what we make. It´s about what we make happen for our customers!”

Our Mission

We design relationships between companies, employees, customers, partners, the public, product / service.

PONY’s ambition is to deliver well thought-out, courageous and handcrafted clean solutions. Solutions that can be seen and hit the mark. In short: good craftsmanship + individual, well thought-out solutions = clear, target-oriented relationships.

Because you, too, are a part of this world. Your relationships, your future, your successes and those of all involved depend on successful communication.

For brands with clear goals

PONY works for clients who want to grow successfully and sustainably. That’s why we stand for:

  • a strong and distinctive image,
  • Visibility among the target group,
  • Performances and campaigns with a strong and positive recall,
  • Customer experiences which convince,
  • successful customer loyalty and new business.

Or as we simply say: “for quality and brand communication”.

Full Service

Our customers want smart, individual and often cross-linked communication solutions from a one-stop shop. And we’ve been happy to deliver all this since 2011.